SIKO Gegenaktionen München

Call for protests against the 2022 Munich Security Conference

of the NATO countries

Afghanistan tells us once again: No More War – that was and is the right slogan
NATO’s war in Afghanistan cost hundred of thousands of people their lives, left a devastated and impoverished country behind, and also promoted terrorism still further.

Instead of drawing the right conclusion, namely renouncing military interventions in the future, leading German and European politicians are demanding that the military capacities of the EU be furthered even more, so that they will be ‟able to act militarily” – even without the USA. This is meant to be the main topic at the upcoming Munich Security Conference.

The Munich ‟Security Conference” is not about safety and security
At this conference, which will take place on February 18th to 20th , heads of state and government, as well as politicians – mainly from the NATO countries – will gather with military leaders, representatives of major corporations, especially from the arms industry, and intelligence services.

They are not concerned about the security of people, whether here or elsewhere in the world. They are concerned about securing the strategic dominance of Western capitalist countries and their corporations. The ‟SiKo” serves mainly as a platform to promote NATO, at the moment its 2030 Strategy, and to justify the billions spent on arms by Germany and the EU, as well as their military actions, which they sell to the people as ‟peacekeeping missions”.

The new German administration: new party colors – old policies
Germany’s expenditures on the military and arms have more than doubled over the last 20 years. The new ‟traffic light” coalition wants to continue this arms race in accordance with the ‟Foreign Policy Recommendations” of the SiKo organizers. It wants to increase military spending still further, acquire armed combat drones for the Bundeswehr, maintain the stationing of US nuclear weapons in Germany, and buy new aircraft that will carry nuclear weapons for the Bundeswehr for eight billion dollars in the USA. In addition, the arming of the EU is supposed to be pushed forward.

The increasing militarization of Germany and the EU does not serve peace, any more than the extremely dangerous policy of confrontation, the sabre-rattling and military maneuvers against Russia and the PR China, which could escalate at any time, and lead to a war between the nuclear powers.

• This policy of confrontation must be ended.
Peace in Europe and in the world can only be achieved with, and not against, Russia and China. Instead of implementing great-power and dominance interests by force, disarmament and international cooperation are what is called for.

We are struggling for disarmament and a policy of détente
Worldwide military expenditures reached the astronomical sum of two trillion dollars in 2020. Of this, 1,100 billion dollars were spent by the NATO countries alone. This is 18 times as much as Russia’s expeditures, and four times as much as those of China. A fraction of these billions would be enough to end world hunger and provide all the world with health care and access to education.

The current and future crises cannot be resolved by ever larger arsenals of weaponry, nor by capitalist competition, nor by great-power rivalry.

Investments of trillions of dollars will be needed for the greatest challenge of our times, halting the climate catastrophe. But the so urgently needed money is wasted on a military arms race that harms the climate. Even the completely insufficient promises of $100 billion annually in aid for the poor countries of the South are not being kept. The goal of a 1.5°C limit will never be reached in this way.

We demand:

  • Disarmament instead of an arms race! Instead of wasting billions on arms and preparations for war, our taxes must be invested in social-welfare systems, health care, and education, as well as in climate protection.
  • We demand that all foreign missions of the Bundeswehr be ended, and that Germany withdraw from the NATO war alliance and all EU military structures. No participation in the EU’s armaments projects. No purchasing of armed drones.
  • German assistance to wars of aggression in violation of international law, and to the illegal drone warfare conducted via the US air base in Ramstein, must cease. All US and NATO troop bases in Germany, and all command headquarters of the USA and NATO must be closed.
  • End our participation in the nuclear-war strategy of the USA. No purchases of US fighter-bombers to carry the nuclear weapons stationed in Germany. The German government must sign the UN treaty on the prohibition of nuclear weapons, and terminate the stationing of US atom bombs in Büchel.

Stop German arms exports!
Germany lies in a scandalous fourth place in the worldwide ranking of arms exports. Among the customers for German arms shipments are dictatorial and war-waging states, including Turkey, that is waging a bloody war against its Kurdish population, and has marched into northern Syria in violation of international law, in order to smash the democratic and emancipatory project in Rojava.

The deadly deals of the merchants of death and war profiteers must be prevented, and granting production licenses and moving arms firms abroad must end.

Eliminate the reasons for fleeing, instead of combating refugees
Wars, climate change, bitter poverty, political persecution, and violations of human rights force millions of people to flee. Only a few of them are granted asylum in Germany. The German government shares responsibility for most of these reasons for fleeing. Unjust business and trade relations, sanctions, and war destroy the bases of existence in the countries of the global South. But Germany and the EU are walling themselves off, pushing back refugees illegally in violation of their human rights, and allow thousands to drown in the Mediterranean every year. We must not accept this.

Put an end to the exploitative economic policies that cause wars, poverty, and flight. Our solidarity is with those fleeing, especially those fleeing from the wars that are waged with German weapons. It is no crime to flee. Nobody is illegal.

Young people need prospects – not war
The peace movement and progressive youth organizations have been protesting for years against the lack of prospects and war. While there is less and less job security, working conditions get worse and worse, and real wages are sinking, the Bundeswehr presents itself as an attractive employer, with appearances in schools, at job fairs, and in social media. It tempts young people by their fascination with technology, and with study and training opportunities. This must end! Our young people must not be send to the slaughter in wars!

Therefore we demand: • Education instead of bombs. No advertising for dying!
More civilian training opportunities and better working and training conditions!

Take to the streets with us or disarmament and against preparations for war, for worldwide social justice, for solidarity with those who flee from war, hunger, and the destruction of their homelands, and for a democratic, social, and environmental conversion, in order to save nature and the climate.
Commit yourselves – become active, for peace policies, disarmament, and consistent climate protection will only come about through growing social pressure and a strong non-electoral movement.

Come to the demonstration on Saturday, 19 February 2022
um 13 Uhr in München am Stachusat 1 p.m. in Munich at the Stachus (Karlsplatz)


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